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Chinese medicine gynaecology is a specialised branch of medicine with treatment methods dating back to 1070 A.D.

Through acupuncture and medicinal formula the female physiology can be regulated in a manner that restores natural balance and health to the body thus reducing limitations to fertility and the possible need for IVF intervention.

Generic acupuncture studies used to study the effects of acupuncture underestimate its effects, yet industry journals indicate that acupuncture can encourage fertility and may result in a higher birth rate when performed in combination with embryo transfers. Acupuncture is believed to encourage the release of neurotransmitters that lead to the stimulation of the ovaries. In addition, IVF acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus and has the potential to stimulate natural opiates of the brain that encourage a decrease in biological stress.

Proper clinical application of acupuncture, where each case pattern is treated uniquely and within the ground rules of the TCM method have even greater success rates.

At Melbourne Acupuncture, we provide IVF support via acupuncture and work in conjunction with Western medicine approaches to fertility treatments. Both methods are safe for the mother and the fetus.

Our practitioners can also work with you and assist with a variety of gynecological conditions including  period and low back pain, period regulation, assisted conception, habitual miscarriage, morning sickness and amenorrhea.

We can also assist with the treatment of postpartum conditions such as mastitis and insufficient lactation.

Plans are suitable to assist with the following:

  • IVF – Pre and post Transfer,  IVF-Cooperation
  • Labour Preparation
  • Period Cycle Disorders
  • Habitual Miscarriage.
  • Morning Sickness