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Is designed to bring normality to bodies that have lost balance through the stresses of life. Over time these stresses can lead to depleted, sluggish and hyperactive states which can become chronic and produce disease.

Traditional East Asian medicine such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and physical therapy has a wide-ranging scope of treatments. As a medical system, its strength lies in its ability to both assess and treat unique conditions and to restore the original function. Once a function is restored it tends to persist as true health is essentially the strongest state. Where conditions are entrenched we may be able to assist in easing the worst aspects and provide solutions for ongoing self-care.

Using prescribed acupuncture, TCM herbal medicine, dietary and physical exercises we are able to enhance performance, strengthen stamina and reduce recovery time.



1a.The effects of auricular electroacupuncture on obesity in female patients

1b.The effects of body acupuncture on obesity: anthropometric parameters, lipid profile, and inflammatory and immunologic markers.

“Body acupuncture in combination with diet restriction was effective in enhancing weight loss and improving dyslipidemia….”

Comparison of electroacupuncture and medical treatment for functional constipation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

“Electro-Acupuncture was more effective than medication at improving spontaneous bowel movements…”

3a.Acupuncture for irritable bowel syndrome: primary care based pragmatic randomised controlled trial.

3bAcupuncture for irritable bowel syndrome: 2-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial.

Clinical trial: acupuncture vs. doubling the proton pump inhibitor dose in refractory heartburn

Adding acupuncture is more effective than doubling the proton pump inhibitor dose…..

An overview of the contribution of acupuncture to thyroid disorders

Healthy Function Program is designed to:

  • Stimulate or Regulate energy (Qi)
  • Improve digestion function and nutritional status
  • Regulate peristalsis and promote elimination.
  • Improve daily performance by boosting “Qi” through acu-therapies, lifestyle, exercise and dietary guides.

Healthy Function Program may help in:

  • Weight reduction. 1
  • Constipation. 2
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 3
  • Thyroid > underactive, hyperactive.
  • Prediabetes
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Vertigo, Meniere’s.

5 and 10 Session plan, (45 or 60 minute) treatment sessions.

The treatment sessions incorporate acupuncture, acu-therapies, and medicinal herbal prescriptions, diet recommendation and Qi Gong exercise as required.

  • We strongly do not advise suspending usual medical care or prescribed medications when utilising TCM methods above.