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Remedial Massage is a specialized physical therapy for resolving common painful occurrences in a particular area of the body. The scope of this massage ranges from treating mild and strong pain to limitations of movement and musculo-tendon stiffness.

Common conditions where Remedial Massage is used are tension /stress disorders such as neck, shoulder and head pain to debilitating painful conditions such as Tendonitis, Frozen shoulder, RSI and Tennis elbow.

Remedial massage speeds up the body’s repair process by promoting an increase in blood and lymph flow that regenerate cells.

Treatments can incorporate many techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cross fibre and warming techniques, stretching and sometimes cupping.

We are practitioners who recognize the healing and restorative properties of a deeply relaxing massage so we incorporate relaxation massage techniques into the session for comfort and to suit you with each treatment.