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Chinese Herbal medicines are a key component of traditional Chinese medicine.  Herbal combinations have long been used to help restore body balance by stimulating specific physiological actions such as peristalsis and blood flow for example. Herbs also act as tonics by nourishing and rebuilding blood, fluids and energy reserves.Whatever your ailment, we can design a natural, and safe remedy with Chinese herbs.

Through traditional herbal medicines, we can encourage healing for persistent or chronic conditions in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Chinese herbs and tonics are highly effective and are known to address stress in the body and help it recover energy. Remedies are also used to activate weakened functions or calm hyperactive functions to better balance the body.

At Melbourne Acupuncture we provide individualized treatment programs featuring tailored formulas to address your specific needs.

Our herbal formula are also convenient to use. We offer medicine in dissolvable forms and pills so you don’t have to mess with the traditional method of brewing and ingesting thick concoctions. These medicines are easily absorbed by the body and just as effective as their traditional counterparts.

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