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Melbourne Acupuncture is open.
Even with the current Coronavirus Pandemic currently sweeping the world, we are still open and available to help you in one way or another. As we are an Allied Health service we are still performing acupuncture & physical therapies during this time, although please note that our appointments are limited.

We now offer phone and video consultations for medicinal herbal prescriptions. See Booking page for appointments

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Melbourne Acupuncture – Acupuncture and TCM Consultants.

Melbourne Acupuncture is a group of dedicated health consultants using acupuncture, classical herbal medicine, massage therapies, dietary and exercise techniques to activate the innate healing response and the shift to better health. We offer effective alternatives to standard drug-based medical approaches using state of the art natural therapies from the vast East Asian medical tradition and up to date musculoskeletal massage techniques. Our focus on the patient experience and health outcomes is based on results from long term clinical practice evidence and research. Come and book your next health consultation with us.

Casual Treatments

We welcome casual sessions too.  For when you need a session for an acute condition such as a cold or a recent painful event or as a pick me up, you can use our online booking system  to secure a place. Need a session right away? Call our clinic. Please note that our online booking sets a minimum 24 hour booking wait time.

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What’s Right for Me?

If you have experienced a casual treatment of acupuncture or wish to discover the greater benefits that ongoing treatments may have on wellbeing, we advise booking a program. Melbourne Acupuncture has developed a series of TCM programs suitable for many of the health situations we see today. Based on an initial consultation assessment, a suitable program of treatment can be selected. Programs ensure your preferred practitioner and session times.They also have significant cost and time savings.

Stress Relief Program
Pain Relief Program
Restore Immunity
Health Function Program
 Women’s Health Care
Individualised Programs